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What We Offer

iOMNISCIENT Intelligent Surveillance

Omniscient has developed the most intelligent software available in the market place. Our suite of products offer the entire range of intelligent surveillance. The capabilities of our Genius Range have been heralded as pioneering the next generation of intelligent surveillance. Our system can operate with existing CCTV infrastructure is distributed, scalable and has wireless capabilities. The development of the technology has been driven with the single minded focus of making iOmniscient the technology leader in Intelligent Surveillance.

iOmniscient's products have drawn wide interest from security organizations, and they have been implemented by commercial and government users around the world.

Detection Products
which can detect general behaviour of people, vehicles or other objects in the scene. This normally involves looking at a scene from a distance and looking at gross behaviours. more
Identification Products
which can tell the exact identity of vehicles or people in the scene. It involves looking at individuals and vehicles at a fairly close range to be able to identify them. more
Convergent Products
which allow detection and identification to occur using the same camera. Not only does this provide enormous operational flexibility, it can reduce the costs of storage. more


iQ-Video Management System

iOmniscient’s Video Management System (IQ-VMS) is an open platform, IP-based system that will work with existing off the shelf computers, networking and CCTV equipment.

IQ-VMS enables efficient management of video, alarms and cameras across centralized or distributed networks and will integrate with existing surveillance system infrastructure. IQ-VMS can be scaled from a few cameras to many thousands, supporting all brands of analog and IP cameras.


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IQ-VMS has been designed and built as a user-friendly solution with the ability to drag and resize camera views and arrange them in any required order for easier monitoring while the multi-language capability enables users to switch between languages without affecting configurations.

IQ-VMS can be integrated with any of iOmniscient’s IQ Series products providing an end to end solution at your fingertips for configuring, analyzing, detecting, viewing, recording, storing and managing video and alarms for security purposes.


increases effectiveness of security by enhancing efficiency of video management
reduces cost by enabling configuration and management from anywhere on the surveillance network
multi-level user access rights enhances safety across one or multiple sites
no incremental capital expenditure by interfacing with existing infrastructure and increasing the lifespan of the surveillance system
minimizes hardware cost through optimized computing and storage resources
multi-language capability enables universal deployment
PDA interface enables video monitoring in the field


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Jump to Event
  • Operational on a Wireless PDA
  • Flexible Architecture
  • 24x7 Worldwide Support

iQ Implant

IQ-Implant™ provides hardware manufacturers with the opportunity to OEM iOmniscient’s patented Non Motion Detection and advanced video motion analytics algorithms, providing the necessary advantage to compete in today’s industry.

Q-Implant™ incorporates iOmniscient’s advanced artificial intelligence algorithms on a Texas Instruments TMS320DM64x Video/Imaging Digital Signal Processor (DSP). All algorithms are extremely efficient enabling multiple cameras to operate on a single DSP and optimized with spare capacity for next generation upgrades.

Q-Implant™ comes equipped with iOmniscient’s advanced features including Nuisance Alarm Minimization Systems to help cope with complex scenes. Our unique multi-language capability increases you global sales opportunities.


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IQ-Implant™ is open, scalable, operates with analog and IP cameras and can be embedded into various hardware components. IQ-Implant™ is easy to customize, implement and use.


enhances your reputation by co-branding with an industry leader
creates new sales opportunities with existing customers
enables the creation of customized vertical-market products
reduced interface and support costs through single vendor porting
minimize capital expenditure running multiple detection algorithms simultaneously


  • Patented Non Motion Detection
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Object Differentiation
  • Jump to Event
  • Nuisance Alarm Minimization System
  • Operational on a Wireless PDA
  • Flexible Architecture
  • 24x7 Worldwide Support
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