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Terrorist and Bombings

Armorcoat provides protection from flying glass during bomb blasts

The Tough Defense Against Bomb Blasts
With the ever-present threat of terrorism, commercial and government building safety has never been a higher priority. High-risk areas now include just about every major city of the world. Even buildings in the outlying areas are susceptible to major damage if an explosion should occur. The shock wave exerts enormous amounts of pressure, breaking unprotected glass and sending harmful shards into your environment at high velocities. Armorcoat’s strong, resilient adhesive and flexible construction enable it to withstand severe levels of positive and negative pressure – allowing the film to move with the window should a blast occur, retaining dangerous fragments…acting as a protective barrier between you and disaster.

GSA approved Armorcoat has been installed on some of the most safety-intensive buildings in the world, from the Pentagon and FBI offices to many U.S. and foreign embassies.

For information on explosive blast testing, click here

Bomb Blast Testing Videos

Untreated Glass - broken glass shards are airborne at a high velocity

Glass With Armorcoat Film - film holds broken glass together with minimal airborne shards

Glass With Armorcoat Film and Attachment System - film holds together glass shards; glass is retained in frame

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